L O O K B O O K - S / S 1 1

When we were sitting around one day throwing around the idea of becoming fashion designers of our own label, we had to plan how we were going to sell our garments. For us it was an easy decision - online. Our online shop is through Etsy, a website dedicated to honouring handmade, unique, and vintage sellers around the globe. We have been avid buyers of all things Etsy for a long time, and thought it appropriate to stick with what we knew. 
This ethereal beauty you see in the photos is Rose. We can't thank you enough for bringing our collection to life and making our debut into the online world. 
You can find our shop at www.laluneclothing.etsy.com, where we have all the collections to date ready to order. We make everything as you order and ship to every country!  

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