("Costae"styled by La Lune, Bodysuit: Black Milk Clothing, Shirt: Stylists own, Shoes: Windsor Smith

cos·ta (kst)
n. pl. cos·tae (-t)
1. Rib.
2. A rodlike internal supporting organelle that runs along the base of the undulating membrane of certain flagellate parasites. Also called basal rod.

Black Milk Clothing built an empire around the idea of printed leggings, swimsuits, body suits and dresses. And for that, we thank them. For a while now we have been impressive fans of Black Milk, during that time a few pieces have wiggled their way into my heart. One of which being their infamous Black Rib Swimsuit. It's dark, it's edgy, but not limited to the bodices of punk rock lovin' chicks. For the above we had influences from both Black Milk Clothing and the Japanese artist Audrey Kawasaki, for they both have a darkness and femininity to their work. We feel these a successful bunch of photos and suggest you too turn your body into a living x-ray! 

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