T H E B O U T I Q U E S C O L L E C T I O N 2 0 1 1 ♥

The Boutiques Collection! 
This was La Lune's first ever runway show and our big break into the local fashion scene. We we so thrilled and excited, we could hardly contain ourselves. A fashion show featuring some well established boutiques around Cairns: Tastey, Affair Boutique, The Eye, Twenty Four, and Erin Raquel. 
Held at The Attic, there was a great vintage feel to the location. As you walk in there are chairs hanging from the narrow entrace's roof, similar to that of a bunch of old curly garden chairs stacked on top of one another upside down. Then as you enter you are greeted by this amazing catwalk, surrounded by VIP seating, old cushioned thrones, booths with quirky bric 'a' brac neatly arranged inside. 
We were the closing collection for the show and the whole thing was a blur - A madhouse of models, clothing racks, dressers, organisers, garments flying in every direction, stick on boobs getting applied ferociously. And somehow, everything came together beautifully and we stood there in the DJ booth watching the clothes that were constructed in our little studio embodied by models walking down the catwalk together. A truly surreal moment. So much so we didn't get any photographs of our own collection that night! Thankfully Chris Baker of The Bakery was there to film every step! 
A big congratulations and thank you is in order to the team of Tokunai Hair, Profile Model Management, PR Events Couture, Zoe Berry the Event planner, The Attic and to all the lovely people who gave us such positive and inspiring feedback! 

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