L E T .T H E M. E A T. C A K E 2 0 1 2

(Wardrobe: Lucinda x La Lune 'Let Them Eat Cake' 2012', Model: Ruby Johns, Photography: Caitlin Eve) 

When La Lune met Lucinda we were friends in a heartbeat! Our styles go together like cheese and ham toasted sandwiches and to be honest we think she's going to touch the hearts of many-a blithe youth!  Lucinda specialises in laces and trimmings of all colours and pleats, with buttons to spare and naughty-maid inspired frocks - ooh ah! 

We came together in a fashionable affair and thought up a little project for the two (three) of us and voila! Our collaborative collection was born! (Appx. photos above)  

We, from the bottom of our three (Lucy included) glitter covered hearts, hope that you enjoy the look book! 

Make sure you keep checking back on our blog for some excitable news with some of the coolest cats we know! La Lune + Lucinda + Cherry Tom♥!!!! 

La Lune's xx

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