A N. E Y E. F O R. A N. E Y E

1. Paint your nails with a white base - we painted 3 coats as the polish wasn't as opaque as we'd hoped. 

2. With a fine paint brush and a pool of black nail polish on a piece of paper, carefully outline an oval shape onto each nail, this will outline your evil eyes! 

We began using Rimmel 60 seconds fast dry in 800 Black Out, which was a terrible idea. As soon as you would finished one oval, the pool of polish was dry. We recommend using a polish that isn't very thick and doesn't dry out quickly. We ended up using our black polish from Witchery. 

3. Using a blue / green polish, you can apply the colour of your eyes. We just wiped off excess polish from the wand in the nail polish bottle and used that to dot them on. Here we used Rimmel 60 second fast dry in 819 Green With Envy. 

4. In the same fashion as step 2, using your fine brush / toothpick, outline the blue dot on each eye and create a pupil by dotting some more black polish in the middle of the blue. 

5. An optional addition to your masterpiece - eyelashes! We created eyelashes the same way we did step 2 & 4. 

We hope this fun little D I Y is just in time for your Halloween costume parties and antics. 
Keep an eye on this page (pun intended) for another Halloween inspired manicure! 

If you happen to recreate this look, make sure you #laluneclothing on Instagram so that we can see! 

Love, La Lune's xx 

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