C R U S H I N' O N S O M E C O L O R B L O C K S H O P

(All images courtesy of Colorblock Shop)

Major crush: Colorblock Shop. 
Located in Boston Massachusetts in the U S of A, with a super accessible - from all parts of the globe, 
(granted you have access to the wide world of the internet) Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Colorblock Shop,
They offer some of the most intriguing pieces of jewellery I've stumbled upon browsing Etsy in a while. 
They are (to La Lune) the sweet love-triangle-child of DANNIJOShourouk and Bijoux Heart, at a fraction of the cost! 
They're pieces are fun, unique and a pleasure to the eye! As soon as I saw Colourblock Shop, I felt compelled to own every piece. 
Good bye next paycheck! Hello Colorblock Shop! 
If you thought they were a one-trick-pony, think again! This beautiful designer has two other shops for you to feast your eyes on! 
Mixtmetals, - "Simple unusual modern geometric earrings and necklaces"      AND
Etcetrix - "Revamped vintage jewelry necklaces and crystal bullets". 

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  1. The accessories were amazing!

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